Sophie Video 5 - Vacuuming LEGO, Socks And Latex Gloves

Sale Sophie Video 5 - Vacuuming LEGO, Socks And Latex Gloves
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My best girlfriend comes to visit in a few minutes and we want to celebrate. I look in the living room if everything is okay but to my surprise you have your LEGO toy scattered on the carpet. In between are your dirty socks. As a good housewife I take the vacuum cleaner, put on hygienic latex gloves and suck everything up. But with the floor brush this is very difficult, that's why I take the handpiece. To my annoyance, the vacuum cleaner bag is filled up after some time and I replace it with a new one. Although I actually have to hurry, the thing starts to be fun for me. Especially when I think that you later miss your toy. This is now in the dustbin along with your socks and some latex gloves.

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