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Model: Stella
Stella's dad always drinks too much. Last night he got home tipsy again. The day after he sends out his little girl in the forest were he left the car last night. Stella hurries herself to the car because she has a another appointment in a fe..
Model: Shela
Shela is is doing some modelling and posing when a company calls her for a new job. Shela needs to be at the company for a job interview within one hour. Happy as she is Shela jumps in her car and starts. That's when the trouble begins! After..
Model: Poca
Poca had a very nice party last night. When she woke up she remembered she left her car in the woods somewhere. When she found it she wanted to go home a quick as possible because of her headache. She tries to start but the old car doesn't ru..
Model: Lucie
The beautiful Lucie is leaving for work. At the beginning nothing seems wrong accept the fact that the engine isn't running normal. But no problem for Lucie because the car starts. Because the engine runs to short everytime Lucie hasn't g..
Model: Kim
Kim is doing some modelling and posing for a fashion shoot. Suddenly her cellphone rings and her friend is in trouble. She hurries herself to the car and tries to start. Her car won't start and she gets out for smoking and thinking. Kim tries..
Model: Jennifer
On a summer day Jennifer would like to make a car ride. Because of the heat, she decides to take off her jeans short and only ride in panties. But when she wants to start the car, she expects a nasty surprise. She turns the ignition key but the c..
Model: Irma
Sexy Irma is ready for a bikini party. She puts on her black bikini. But when it's time to go by car, it does not start. She cranks and cranks but it looks like Irma will miss this party. Irma gets so angry that she leaves the car and crushes..
Model: Abril
Busty Abril is ready to leave. She hasn't much experience with cars so she always takes her bike to visit the village to do some shopping. Today Abril is in a lazy mood. Even though she hasn't a drivers license she takes mums old car to l..
Model: Annika
Lots of attempts to start with the leaf blower without success. First, I think there is not enough fuel in the tank and I fill it up. But probably the settings are wrong or I have not enough strength. At the end of the video the leaf blower start..
Model: Ester
A whole minute I try the leaf blower to get started. Then, the gasoline engine starts and I use it to blow. In this video you see me barefooted in miniskirt. ..