Paulina Video 5 - Nerd Against Greenpeace

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Paulina has recently become an environmental activist, just like her roommate from the student residence. She doesn't really care about nature and environmental protection. On the contrary, Paulina likes to throw her rubbish out of the car or leave it on the lake. Both girls have registered with Greenpeace because they fell in love with the group leader. But as expected, there were disputes between the two girls after a short time. Full of jealousy, Paulina took her opponent's favorite clothes and the rubbish from her room into the forest. It is the forest that the group wants to clean tomorrow. And if the garbage is found there, of course, the suspicion immediately falls on Paulina's opponent. And when the little nerdy princess is in the forest, of course there is smoking and car exhaust fumes must not be missing.

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