Ms Curious Fiat 500 Revving With Banana In Exhaust Pipe

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I can remember Axel Foley from Beverly Hills Cop putting bananas into an exhaust pipe and I just wanted to try that out myself. Unfortunately the banana is too big for the cute exhaust pipe of my Fiat 500, so I have to peel it before sticking it into the tailpipe. I get into the drivers seat, to give the engine a good revving with my blue flip flops, to show the banana who's the boss. And what can I say, the banana stood no chance. My little Fiat prevailed, even after putting the banana back into the exhaust pipe.
It is very satisfying to know, that my Fiat will simply blow everything out of its tailpipe, when I floor the gas pedal.
Maybe I'll try a cucumber next time...

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