Ms Curious Encounters A Ghost - Hard Revving Halloween Part 1

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Ms Curious wants to have a little revving and pedal pumping session with the cute Fiat 500 in the evening. Everything is ready and the weather is perfect, cold and damp. When she reverses her car into position, it starts beeping. There must be something right behind her car! When she checks, she finds a little Halloween ghost floating behind her car. Right in front of the tailpipe. You all know Ms Curious will take that chance! She starts the engine of the Fiat and watches the little tailpipe ghost dancing in front of the exhaust pipe. It is a very pleasant view. But the little ghost scared Ms Curious, so she gets into the drivers seat to teach that little ghost a lesson. Don't you scare Ms Curious, or else...
She really floors the pedal in her winter boots, making the little ghost dance in the exhaust fumes. What a glorious sight!
Is the ghost terrified, or actually excited?! You decide. Video in German with English subtitles.

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