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Vacuuming in the living room with the Philips, filmed in 2 different perspectives. For the most part in this film, I vacuuming the sofas and the armchair, less the floor. I use the whole tube, including the floor nozzle. Finally, I vacuuming myself with the handpiece.
With the AEG I vacuuming the floor and the sofas in the living room. In between I test the vacuum cleaner on myself.
I sit in miniskirt and black pantyhose in the chair and smoke a cigarette EVE 120.
Floor and corners vacuuming in the kitchen with Miele. First with metal tube and floor nozzle, but most time only with the short handle.
You little sissy, you've already played with LEGO and balloons? You've all laid out in the living room and not cleaned up? Now I give you a lesson and feed all your whole toy with the Miele vacuum cleaner! Trailer:
Sinful smoking in miniskirt and black stockings. Cigarette brand EVE 120.
Your dog Mistress Lucia is sitting on the sofa and nibbling sweet smarties. You pathetic dog have to cower before her feet. And then she has a huge bag of your favorite dog-snacks. You think you'll fed and pampered now? Error, your mistress mocks you and counts all your iniquities of the …
This is my second video with the Kaercher. I vacuuming a load of thongs, you can see me in a miniskirt and high heels. Including bonus video filmed from a different perspective with fixed camera. Trailer:
You love your LEGO toys about anything and keep it like a Pot of Gold? Then you will be sure shocked what I'm doing with it in this video. First I light up a cigarette and poisoned it with the smoke. Then I take the vacuum cleaner and your plastic-favorites disappear, never to return in the …
Vacuuming in a mini skirt, black pantyhose and high heels. I use the Bosch vacuum cleaner for the floor and for both sofas and the armchair. But I also vacuuming myself. Trailer:
With the new red Hoover I vacuuming the living room. I clean the floor and especially the two sofas and the armchair. I finally vacuuming myself also. In this video I'm wearing jeans hot pants. Trailer:
I eat a couple of Smarties until I no longer have an appetite. Then I take the vacuum cleaner and feed him with the rest of Smarties. Including bonus video filmed from a different perspective with fixed camera. Trailer:
This is a new vacuum cleaner comparison. I test the AEG against the Bosch when vacuuming of LEGO's.
I come home from the office and am looking forward that you're playing well behaved in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I realize that you have secretly smoked and have sniffed my panties. For this you get a very special punishment. You have to watch as I crush all cigarettes and then vacuuming. …
In a sexy schoolgirl outfit I vacuuming my thongs. For this I use the Kaercher.
10.00€ 10.75€
Yesterday I celebrated with my friends birthday party. The morning after, I have to remove the remains of the celebration. I will need my Bosch vacuum cleaner and everything is clean again. I vacuuming everything what comes in front of the nozzle: confetti, socks, thongs, peanuts and balloons.
In this video I vacuuming a bunch of LEGO bricks. First, I use the "EIO" vacuum cleaner. But later I take the "Miele" as the second vacuum cleaner. Which vacuum cleaner sucks better? That you can see if you buy the video. Double Vacuum, Double Sound, Double Fun, one pretty …