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The LEGO blocks are on the table and I sit topless in thong on the couch. I take the Bosch vacuum cleaner and suck up the LEGO. To this I place my feet on the table and push the building blocks towards the vacuum cleaner tube. Finally, I suck my soles and toes.
Vacuuming with Bosch in the living room. Most of the time, I vacuumed different items from the table, the floor, the carpet, and the sofa. These are, for example, LEGO figures, batteries, light bulbs, tights, underwear, dowels or buttons. I use the floor nozzle for normal dust suction and for …
Vacuuming the living room with the Hoover. First I vacuuming the carpet with pipe and floor brush. Then I vacuuming the sofas and the table with all additional nozzles.
LEGO vacuuming topless and naked with the Bosch. I suck the blocks from the carpet and from my body.
I am a nurse and come home from work. I hear my heart beat with a stethoscope and control my blood pressure. In this video you will see me in a white coat and white lingerie with nylons.
Underwear and pantyhose vacuuming with the Kärcher. I wear a bra, stockings and a garter belt.
Vacuuming in the living room with the AEG. I wear hot pants and pantyhose and vacuuming the carpet, the sofas and myself.
Vacuuming with the Hoover in the living room. I vacuuming the carpet and the sofas.
I vacuuming thongs with the Kaercher vacuum cleaner. In this video I wear a jeans miniskirt, pantyhose and high heels sandals.
I vacuuming with the AEG the floor, the furniture and myself. In this video I wear a very short knitted dress, nylons and high heels. Trailer:
In your kitchen I find a banana. As I peel the banana, I see that it is no longer fresh enough. I throw it on the floor and crush it with my feet. Then I push the muddy porridge with my feet on your hands.
Here you can look my sweet ears up close. I wear ear plugs on both sides.
You're a grown man, but still playing with LEGO blocks? Your new building is a castle? Very pretty! It seems you are a pathetic loser. I'll suck your all LEGO bricks with the vacuum cleaner and you are sitting in front of me and weep. Now I'll show you with what you should play. …
I'm in a phone call with a friend. Here we talk about the color of my toenails. I note that I no longer like the color and remove them. In this video I wear white underwear.
I start vacuuming in a dress, pantyhose and high heels. I suck at first with the long tube and the large brush nozzle the carpet. Then I remove the suction tube and put a narrow nozzle to the plastic tubing. So I can better reach chinks in the couch. Now I undress completely naked and vacuuming …
I sit on the bed and show you my pretty feet in many positions. I have purple nail polish on my toenails. Topless in panties and nude.
I sit and lie with crossed legs on the sofa and read a book. During this time, I let my feet dangle backwards and forwards. I wear a bra, a miniskirt and tights.
I'm working in the kitchen and has to wipe the floor. First I prepare a bucket of water and detergent. Then I start to wipe the tiles. But it's much more fun to play with foam and water. Finally, I'm soaking wet and I have to undress.